How to make an Appointment?

For all office appointment needs, please call our office at (980) 888-8011. Appointments can also be made through our secure portal once you have set up your secure account. We also encourage patients to schedule follow up appointments when checking out at your current appointment to ensure availability for your preferred dates and times.

What are your acceptable insurance plans?

We generally accept all major insurances. Please call our office for a full list of insurances we accept.  In all cases, patients are required to pay any deductibles and or coinsurances at the time of service. We also accept cash for rendered services for those without insurance and the cost is usually determined on an income-based sliding scale.

How do I get my lab test result?

Once you have registered in our secured web account patient portal, we will be able to forward lab results electronically to you. If you are not yet registered in our web account, you may pick up your results in our office. If results are abnormal or a medication change, or additional test is required based on your labs, we will contact you by telephone within 5-7 business days.

What should I do in an emergency?

In an emergency please call 911

What is the policy for calling the “On-Call” provider after the office is closed?

After office hour, you can reach the on-call provider for urgent matters that cannot wait until the next opening time, by calling the office number at 980-888-8011 and press option 1. For emergency situations, please dial 911.

How do I get a referral to a specialist?

We generally make a referral to a specialist on your behalf by first scheduling an appointment to discuss your workup and treatment options if necessary.

Who do I call if I have a question about my bill?

If you have any billing questions, please call 980-888-8011. Also, once you have established a web account, you can forward your billing inquiries through our secure electronic web portal.

Who is an Internist?

An internist, also called a general internist or doctor of internal medicine, is a medical doctor that specializes in the diagnosis and medical treatment of adults. An Internist provides long-term, comprehensive care and manage both common and complex diseases. Internists can serve as a primary care physician or as a consultant to other medical specialists. They are also recognized as experts in diagnosis, in treatment of chronic illness, and in health promotion and disease prevention.

What Types of appointment do I need with my physician?

Different types of services are offered during office visits with our physician as addressed below:

Wellness Check Visit:

A wellness check involves screening a patient’s health risks, generally with a questionnaire, brief exam, and minimal lab.

Complete Physical or Annual exam:

During a complete physical or annual exam, time is spent managing ongoing conditions and medications, addressing new concerns, and reviewing risk factors. A longer appointment time allows for necessary vaccines, tests, cancer screening / recommendations, review of family history, counseling, etc.

A complete physical or annual exam in which ongoing medical problems are addressed or prescriptions are renewed, or in which one or more complaints are evaluated and treated, cannot be billed as a “wellness check.” Routine co-pays and deductibles will apply.

Follow-up visit:

Anyone on maintenance medications will have to be seen by their primary care physician on a regular basis to continue receiving refills. Generally, a follow-up visit will be scheduled as you leave the office.

Problem-only visit:

Throughout the day, the physician leaves short appointment times available on their schedules to accommodate visits from patients with acute illnesses, such as lung infections, sore throats, urinary tract infections, allergies etc. These appointments are meant to allow patients to be taken care of in a timely manner.